About Me


I'm a commercial, lifestyle, and fashion photographer based in Chicago — but I'll take any opportunity to travel, and I work frequently in London and LA.

I started my journey of image creation as a print and runway model. Life behind the lens is my true calling though, and I live for the moments and scenes that I capture and bring to life with my camera. With a background in street photography, I strive to give my images a natural, candid feel.

My name is Petra (pay-tra), but I also answer to Pate. Take your pick!


From interiors to weddings and events, I bring a fresh and natural style to my imagery. 

In the past I've discussed my fondness for photographing people, but I can now say the same about interior design and architectural photography. I've shot over 200 interiors throughout Chicago, Copenhagen, and London. It's been a blast to showcase so many unique spaces, and I've become a nerd for architecture and design along the way!

I love less traditional styles of weddings and am a perfect fit for your indie or boho style wedding. I've been described as a fly on the wall, capturing real moments and emotion and avoiding anything staged or unnatural (but yes, I'll make sure to take the requisite family portraits!).

I also work as a fashion photographer. Have a click on the 'Fashion' link if you're curious about my other work. 

Work with Me

Have an upcoming project or event? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates and scheduling or to request more samples of my work.

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