About Me


I'm a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in lifestyle and interior photography (and fashion, but that's a whole other website). I'm primarily based in Chicago, but I'll take any opportunity to travel and I work frequently in London and LA.

I started out as a print and runway model, but life on the other side of the lens is just so much cooler (and inspiring!). This background in fashion informs my interior photography, keying me into texture, light, color and compositional arrangements with a discerning eye. I also have a background in street photography, and I always strive to give my images a natural, candid feel.

My name is Petra (pay-tra), but I also answer to Pate. Take your pick!


From interiors to travel photography, I bring a fresh and natural style to my imagery. 

In the past I've discussed my fondness for photographing people, but I can now say the same about interior design photography and architectural photography. I've shot over 200 interiors throughout Chicago, Scandinavia, and the UK. It's been a blast to showcase so many unique spaces, and I've become a nerd for architecture and design along the way!

Curios about my work in fashion photography? Have a click on the 'Fashion' link...

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Have an upcoming project or event? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

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