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My name is Petra (pay-tra), but I also answer to Pate. I'm a commercial and editorial photographer specializing in interior and architectural photography and lifestyle and travel photography (and fashion, but that’s a whole other site). American-made but a Scandinavian at heart, I’m almost as obsessed with interior design as I am with photography. 

I don’t have some supercool background story about being given my first camera by my rockstar godfather or of being surrounded by a gaggle of influential feminist artists while growing up (that’d be cool though!), but I can tell you a very true story of a lifelong passion for photographs…staring at 4x6 and 3.5x3.5 pieces of paper, framed or in albums, over and over, either pulling me back in time or bringing me to a place or time that I've never been…a lover of lost moments and curious places…a wannabe time-traveler, nostalgic reminiscer come to life. 

Once I did pick up my first camera (given to me by my non-rockstar, but still very cool, godmother), I never put it down, having found a new way to see and experience the world around me. My camera, since upgraded from a non-backbreaking little Kodak to a hulk of a Nikon, has traveled with me while I’ve photographed spaces and faces in lands both near and far, from my home in Chicago to Copenhagen, Paris, Buenos Aires, London, Barcelona…the list goes on (as lists tend to do).  Originally drawn to street photography and the beauty and joy of found moments and scenes, I instinctively give my images a natural, unposed feel while constantly striving to capture the mood of real life.

Have something interesting you need shot? I’m dying to shoot it. Have something boring you need shot? Let’s make it interesting. Can’t wait to work with you!

*I'm currently in Chicago but am always looking for an excuse to travel*

Select Clients + Featured In:

Apartment Therapy


Business Insider

Common Living


Cup of Jo

Ashley HomeStore

Houzz (Germany & France)



Kid & Coe

Harper's Bazaar

WE Organization

Cotton, Inc.

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