Featured on Houzz Today!

Cool! My work is featured on Houzz Germany’s site today! The article, “Working in the living room: Tips for a cozy home office” is all about ideas for keeping your living room livable while still functioning as a home office. The image I shot was photographed on location in Copenhagen, Denmark (my absolute favorite city for interior design and for, well, EVERYTHING). It’s amazing what a wall-mounted desk can achieve, actually enhancing the space and turning the corner into a fun focal point. Click here for the story…just remember to translate it to English if German isn’t your tongue!

My London Bday Airbnb Flat was All That

For my first blog post (woo-hoo!), I’m sharing some personal photos from earlier this week in London. My birthday was this past Monday and my boyfriend and I decided to rent a lovely old Victorian flat in South London through Airbnb (that’s him, my favorite unwitting model). A day spent soaking up the charm and artistry of a vintage home was the perfect birthday treat (…along with some chocolate cheesecake and wine, of course).

As a professional interior photographer, it came as no surprise to me that the home was even lovelier than in the listing’s photos on Airbnb. It had actually taken some convincing to get my boyfriend to agree to rent this flat because he was wary of the images on the site, which left him questioning if the home was old and charming or just plain old. I’m so glad I convinced him otherwise, because we were met with hygge x10 in this old beauty. 

Moral of this post? If you’re an Airbnb host, do yourself a favor and invest in some professional images of your property. Not every guest will be as willing as I was to take a leap of faith, and beautiful photos will sell your home better than any review or written description ever could!

(Hey! Is your vacation rental in the Chicago, London, or LA area? Get in touch!)

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